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Few things can drain the joy out of daily life like the misery of constant sneezing, headaches, a stuffy or runny nose or difficulty breathing.  And if you’ve noticed that things seem to get worse every year, you’re not alone. Sinus and respiratory issues are on the rise nationwide, and it’s likely that the increased amount of toxins and pollution in our air, water and food are playing a key role.Today, an estimated 50 million Americans suffer from nasal discomfort.

We’re the team at usa hhb rhinitis care center, a company that has proudly been making premium-grade allergic rhinitis remedy for over 8 years. More than 100000 allergic rhinitis users worldwide use the Usa hhb Take Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen and get healthy.Our passion for natural health drives us to seek the truth about the causes of health problems and to educate people on alternative solutions that are both safe and effective.

Please keep reading to learn how to get fast relief from the congestion, sneezing, post-nasal drip, headaches and red, itchy, watery eyes that have been plaguing you.Research shows an amazingly effective

No drugs, no injections, no surgery, no steroid The Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen Only 3 step:

1.clearing and detoxification of the nose; The Nose Detox cream, using rare Chinese medicines such as Xin Yi, fried Siberian Cocklour Fruit, Small Centipede Herb, honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, and other herbs. By dipping in the ointment with a cotton swab, stuffed into the nasal cavity, patients with rhinitis will be Sneezing a lot in a short period of time, opens the closed sinus openings, and discharges a large amount of mucus and toxins, and absorbs the medicine through the nasal mucosa to achieve the purpose of quickly relieve common cold and running nose, and help with the symptoms of rhinitis.


2. Regulate qi, promote blood circulation, and repair nasal mucosa; Rhinitis Support Cream uses Fructus Aurantii and Platycodon grandiflorum to regulate qi of the lungs. Danshen can promote blood circulation, regulate menstruation, relieve blood stasis and carbuncle, and Guizhi can warm meridians, promote yang, dispel cold and relieve pain; Sea cuttlefish and dragon’s blood are very effective in repairing mucosal ulcers and epistaxis. Ligusticum chuanxiong is the qi medicine in the body, which can promote blood circulation and reduce stasis, and also regulate qi and relieve pain. Among them, qi and blood circulation, matching with cold and temperature, both hardness and softness, are very effective for various nasal congestion, nasal itching, sneezing, and runny nose.

3. strengthening the lungs, replenish, and defend qi. The Nose Fragrance cream uses astragalus, cinnamon, ebony, burdock, prunella, mulberry leaves, licorice, and other herbs. Astragalus is good medicine for replenishing qi, especially focusing on replenishing lung qi, and it can replenish middle qi and stomach qi. Cinnamon has the function of warming yang, and warming yang itself has a function of promoting the circulation of qi and blood, that is, the function of helping with yang. Licorice is here to reconcile the effects of various medicines. In fact, the more serious the rhinitis is, the more important it is to replenish the vitality. Night use The Nose Fragrance cream to strengthen the lungs, replenish qi and defend, control the condition of rhinitis, improve and block the pathological basis of rhinitis, improve the environment of toxins and metaplasia in the nasal cavity, help to inhibit the pathogenic bacteria of rhinitis, and relieve both symptoms and root causes. Our purpose is to prevent rhinitis from recurring. According to feedback from many customers, the results are quick, painless, safe, and convenient, and symptoms are not easy to reoccur.


And best of all, it won’t make you drowsy or cause any other side effects—and it starts working in as little as 10 minutes!​

Rapid Relief with No Side Effects

This magical therapy comes from a amazing Chinese medicine secret book Huangdi Neijing. Huangdi Neijing is an ancient and magical medical book in China. It is also the Bible in the history of Chinese medicine. The profound scientific theories in the book have been used since the day of its birth. This mysterious classic combines our human body with nature closely.

Today, after nearly 50 years of research in China, scientists have confirmed what the ancients noticed about this Take Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen  extraordinary therapeutic powers in relieving respiratory symptoms, as well as promoting healthy sinuses.

Healed my allergic rhinitis and showed extraordinary results


My name is Conley. I have been engaged in traditional Chinese medicine research and education for 30 years in China. In 2008, after working in a newly renovated office for several months, I developed allergic rhinitis. At the beginning, the doctor asked me to use antihistamines and steroids. Finally, dexamethasone atomization only alleviated some sneezing symptoms. The watery nose made me unable to sleep and work 。 I turned to traditional Chinese medicine in despair

——Emperor’s Canon of medicine. This medical classic records that the lung is a delicate organ, which is easily attacked by wind, cold and dampness. Qi deficiency and blood stasis, phlegm and blood stasis are intertwined, and toxin and evil are generated. The lung opens its orifices in the nose, and the evil is in the lung, and the disease is in the nose, which reveals the root cause of allergic rhinitis. In 2012, I founded the Beijing syndrome differentiation Hall Institute of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing, China, to conduct special research on the new theory of allergic rhinitis. As a non-profit way to start sharing my rhinitis care methods, and get incredibly fast, painless, safe and convenient, not easy to repeat the effect, and no side effects! No injection, no medicine, no surgery, no steroids, for tens of millions of people suffering from pollen allergic rhinitis to find an effective program.

In 2018, I introduced this ancient Chinese medicine sneezing and blood activating method into the United States, which should be the best method in the world to treat allergic rhinitis. I founded USA hHB life science lab LLC in Orlando. After several years of development, Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen is becoming a very effective natural solution to pollinosis in the United States. At present, the team of medical experts, doctors, writers, illustrators and fact checkers is growing,

It has become a science based place to let more people know the truth about any subject related to allergic rhinitis.

Why I sell these products?

Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen was completely for non-profit in the first 8 years, and I never thought I would make a product. There are two reasons why I change my mind. One is that the products of Beijing Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen method are sold at high prices. The other reason is that when I was in Orlando, an American friend used Usa hhb to cure his allergic rhinitis. He wanted to buy the Usa hhb’s formula at a very high price, but I declined. Later, with the help of Usa hhb volunteers, we developed the world’s best treatment of rhinitis using Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen. For the first time in the industry, we proposed that the root cause of rhinitis is blood stasis and phlegm. Theory, and thus develop ideal products, so that people can really get rid of the trouble of rhinitis.

How does this work
Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen's standardized Research

Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen method is not my original formula. This Chinese medicine formula used is the prescription of the doctor Zhang Zhongjing which have been used for thousands of years. But with God’s grace, I found this formula for allergic rhinitis. I need to  share it with those who need it. And research shows that you can feel relief as short as 10 minutes without side effects!A double-blinded, placebo-controlled study evaluated the efficacy of this Usa hhb-featured Chinese medicine USA HHB Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen  method in paitents. The results are shocking:Compared with the placebo, the Usa hhb Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen  method group had better nasal comfort and air circulation throughout the use process, and the subjects reported that their symptoms were significantly reduced. From the start of application for 10 minutes until the end of the test, their nasal congestion symptoms improved by 48.2%, their runny nose symptoms improved by 69%, and their nasal itching symptoms improved by 78%. USA HHB Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen method group also reported a significant improvement in the symptoms of itchy and watery eyes. This research clearly shows that USA HHB Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen   method can provide efficient and unblocked breathing.

The results are amazing...and very safe

Research involving hundreds of participants echoed these results. An application for 487 clinical patients proved that a 90-day treatment effect was achieved, with the shortest time being 5 days; 487 cases were treated, 485 cases were cured, accounting for 99.59%; 2 cases were markedly effective, accounting for 0.41%. Invalid 0, the total effective rate is 100%. Patients with mild symptoms can apply it 3 times a day and take effect within 3-4 days, improve the efficacy within a week, and cure within 15 days, while patients with severe symptoms are cured within 90 days. Through 6-36 months of follow-up observation, the rhinitis ointment has no adverse reactions and no irritation. The good news throughout the study is that all this shows that it is safe and well tolerated in adults and children. Pure Chinese medicine rhinitis The ointment has obvious curative effect, safety and reliability in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal polyps.

If you are looking for an effective and natural sinus and breathing solution, the 8 advantages of Usa hhb's characteristic Chinese medicine Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen is your best choice

1. Clear allergy quickly: Use the ointment base to stay on the inner wall of the nasal cavity for a long time, forming a protective film in the nasal cavity, just like wearing an invisible mask, changing the nasal environment, and having the function of adsorbing and isolating pollen and other allergen viruses.

2. Fast detoxification: Open the closed sinus openings in 10-20 minutes to discharge the deep rhinotoxin in the nasal cavity, so that rhinovirus has no place to hide.

3. Quickly relieve itching: 5-10 minutes after medication, it can relieve itching.

4. Fast ventilation: The symptoms of nasal congestion can be relieved on the day of medication.

5. Fast cessation of nasal discharge: The amount of nasal discharge is increased at the first use of the medicine to remove residual nasal discharge. After ten days, the nasal discharge is basically stopped.

6. Fast mucosal repair: using more than 20 natural herbal extracts to repair mucosal factors, relieve mucosal redness and swelling on the day of medication.

7. Safe and convenient: It is not absorbed through the intestines and stomach, and the ointment is directly applied to the nose, which has good affinity with the human body and has no adverse reactions and no dependence on long-term use.

8. Prevent recurrence: It is developed based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, combined with modern medical research results and clinical experience of Chinese medicine. Pure Chinese herbal medicine can control the condition of hay fever and rhinitis, improve and block the pathological basis of hay fever and rhinitis, improve the environment of toxins and metaplasia in the nasal cavity, help to inhibit the pathogenic bacteria of rhinitis, and achieve the treatment of hay fever and rhinitis. The purpose of preventing the disease from happening again. According to feedback from many customers, the results are quick, painless, safe and convenient, and not easy to repeat.

Every day we receive letters about the amazing sinus and respiratory relief experienced by our customers of Usa hhb's characteristic Chinese medicine Sneezing Blood Activating Regimen. Here are some of our favorites:

My son is eight years old, suffering from sinusitis. In April 2020, he was diagnosed as sinusitis by a local hospital in New York. He has nasal congestion, headache, dizziness and purulent nasal discharge. He has nasal discharge every 3-5 minutes. It’s very painful to look at him. If he takes too much western medicine, he can’t be cured. The doctor says that he can be operated on, but I’m afraid of the consequences if the operation is unsuccessful for such a small child It’s unimaginable, so I’m very confused about how to treat it. My friend introduced us hHB Chinese medicine therapy to treat sinusitis. With a try attitude, I didn’t expect that after using it for more than 2 months, my child’s sinusitis would be cured, and all kinds of symptoms would be gone. In February this year, I didn’t even feel risky.


Mr. Zhang, 48, has been suffering from chronic rhinitis for 13 years. He often has headache and tinnitus. In recent years, no matter how many drugs he uses, it doesn’t work. Every day is almost spent in pain. Sneeze, snivel together, the car must pack several tissues every day. In 2020, patients will have severe headache in December and will not be able to attend classes. On the third day after using the USA hHB method, the headache disappeared and I could go back to school. After six weeks, I was basically cured. The most serious form of nasal breath before was completely gone. I didn’t need to open my mouth to breathe to sleep, and the sleep quality was greatly improved. It’s my greatest joy that I don’t have to take paper towel with me.

lisa Zhang​


Mr. Yang, 31 years old, immigrated to the United States, has been suffering from pollinosis, allergic rhinitis for five years, headache, swelling of nasal mucosa, continuous sneezing, runny nose, runny water, runny nose, itchy nose, itchy ears, memory loss and tears. He used USA in early 2019 HHB rhinitis cream has effect on the first day of use. Sneezing begins to decrease after a week of application. After 3 months of continuous use, allergic rhinitis is cured, and rhinitis has not been committed again in the past two years.


Interior Designer

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   Promote unobstructed airway and normal breathing

   Reduce sinus pressure that may cause headaches

   Reduce eye irritation and redness, make eyes clear and comfortable

   Improve overall quality of life

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